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12 April 2007 @ 11:00 pm
Babies and Yardsales  
I think my doctor has anger managemnet problems and low self-esteem. While at Family Medicine for our April apointment, I informed our doctor that we would be moving and needing to change hospitals because of such. My doctor's comment was "Oh, I see, I do all the work and someone else gets to deliver the baby. Is that how it is?" Taken aback, as any reasonable person would have been getting a comment like this from a medical professional in charge of the health of your unborn child, I had no response except, "yes". I am not sure if he was joking entirely or if it was a half-hearted attempt at a joke to disguise true feelings of patient abondonment. I like this doctor and I feel bad leaving...after all, how often can you say that the Mickey Mouse Club delivered your first born child? Not often enough, I say!

April will be a hectic month for Cory and me. We have to get his AA and NA stuff in before the end of the month so he can drive again. We have a yardsale to host, packing and moving to complete, he has work, I have finals and a paper due, a baby shower to attend, an ultrasound to get, a marathon to walk in, pay taxes stiil, pay bills at the end of the month, change hospitals and change the WIC and CHIP stuff to PA, find a vet for Luna and I still have to sleep and play on the internet for a few hours a day...all of this, simply in order to survive!!! I mean, I am being a minimalist here! I am cutting corners! I sacrificed seeing J-Lo perform on American Idol last night so I could...so I could take a nap! A nap that was necessary to keep mankind alive and prosperous! It is a hard job being a uterus...

Aisde from the hecticness that is my last month in Morgantown, not much else is new. I am going to get a pedicure today. Cory gave me a gift certificate to the spa sometime in January as a gift. Let me tell you the story! This story represents what often hapens to me. We made an appointment yesterday for each of us to get a massage and for me to get my brows waxed and him to get a pedicure. We arrived at the spa only to find out that I can't get a massage without a doctor's note...like I can't tell if I am in pain or if something is wrong with me. What ever happened to signing a relese form!?! Anyhow, so I decided to get a pediure then. The woman said sure! Great, problem fixed. Nope. As I am laying on the table getting my brows waxed she bursts through the door and informs me that they were over booked for pedicures that day did I want a facial. No, I do not want a facial. So, I scheduled the apointment for the pedicure for today at 3pm. This always happens to me. There is always a glitch! Oh well, it is my plight in life I suppose.

I had my brows waxed yesterday for the first time. Suprisingly, getting your brows waxed makes you 10% prettier! I am sure of it. I have done scientific testing on this matter! It is true, written in the ancient texts of Atlantis but lost forever in the fire. So, I am now 10% prettier. If I actually combed my hair and put on makeup, I may actually be a MILF...well, I am not a Mom yet, so that would make me a PILF...right?

Whatever, I am out for now, I want some oatmeal and the baby wants a piece of Easter Chocolate!