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02 April 2007 @ 08:21 pm
What do you do when the dishes are done?  
I have been increasingly bored since I lost my job. 
I was a server at Ruby Tuesday until the ABCC decided to do a sting operation and bust me. The people that were sent in to pose as customers looked to be about 28 but they were not and I did not card and now I am jobless...I think what the governemnt did is quite tasteless, sneaky and in my mind amounts to entrapment, although a judge would think differently. 

I have no idea what to do with myself while Cory is at work. 
I have also become cranky - very cranky. I have been snapping at Cory way too much. I feel kind of worthless and helpless without a way to make money on my own. I can't get a new job yet since I will only be in town for 3 more weeks or so...I just need to breathe and cheer up!

I don't think I can go without working! I just don't have that "housewife" thing in me...I think that gene may be retarded or missing all together. I spent the past two days cleaning out the office and boxing things up to move. I decided to have a yard sale of sorts on April 20th. In celebration of this I have been making that DIY show my own by making a keep pile, a sell pile, and a toss pile. Well, actually, I have been putting the "toss pile" in the garbage and the "keep pile" in boxes for moving and the "sell pile" now fills the right side of my hallway. My preggo ass can hardly squeeze by all the junk I don't believe I need anymore. It is really amazing how much "stuff" we accumulate without being aware of it! I found papers and other things that I either (a) forgot I had or (b) had no use for over the past year or two!


So, in preparation for moving I am doing this weeding out thing. It is actually quite difficult for me to do yet I feel good about losing the baggage (or at least I keep telling myself I feel good about it). Aside from that, I am not sure what else to do while I am home all alone. Tonight I did dishes and vegetated. 

I watched my drug addicted neighbors tonight...that proved to be some mild entertainment for a few minutes. I actually decided it would be safer, while I watched them, for me to baracade myself and my dog in house. (They are a bit wiley.) They were outside yelling something about "he will give me my money" or something like that and the woman had a tic that was kind of amusing in a disturbing way. She kept jerking her head to the side. So I brought the dog in and locked the door and watched through the window. 

As far as moving, Cory and I are going to be moving to Cannonsburgh (just south of Pittsburgh) into a cute little two bedroom house. It will be perfect for us, the dog and the baby. I am excited! The move will take place by the end of April and Cory will follow me up there two weeks later. He wants to work a few more weeks so he can do the graduation weekend thing and make some money. 

That pretty much sums up what has been going on over the past few weeks!